ACTIVITY: Retargeting
Yes on Prop 125 & 126

Resolution of Support for Prop 126

Whereas … many of Colorado’s 5,000+ restaurants struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic and unfortunately hundreds of restaurants across the state of Colorado closed due to the pandemic; and

Whereas … Colorado Governor Jared Polis, recognizing the threat to locally owned restaurants caused by the pandemic, issued an executive order allowing restaurants to add alcoholic drinks to takeout and delivery orders; and

Whereas … the ability to include alcoholic drinks or a bottle of wine with takeout orders ultimately saved countless more restaurants statewide from going out of business and, because of this, the Colorado General Assembly extended the order until 2025; and

Whereas … most restaurants realistically are prevented from including wine and cocktails in delivery orders because the food is being delivered by third-party delivery services (like Grubhub, Uber Eats or DoorDash) but the wine has to be delivered separately by a restaurant employee in a restaurant-owned or personal vehicle, neither of which most restaurants have; and

Whereas … twenty-eight (28) other states across the country allow third-party delivery of alcohol from restaurants, and a July survey conducted by the Colorado Restaurant Association of it’s 12,500 members statewide found that 75% of respondents said they would utilize third-party alcohol delivery to support their business and customers; and

Whereas … a coalition of Colorado retailers and delivery providers are working together on the Issue Committee “Wine in Grocery Stores” to be presented to voters in the November 2022 election to allow both wine in grocery stores (Prop 125) and third-party alcohol delivery (Prop 126) to meet consumer demand for more choice and convenience; and

Whereas … we believe that Prop 126 will continue to benefit restaurants and help stabilize many Colorado small businesses, recoup some of the losses from the pandemic and generate new revenue for countless restaurants over the long term;

Now, Therefore… We hereby lend our name, to the effort to support Prop 126; authorizing our name to be displayed on the campaign’s website and materials as a supporter of Prop 126; and call on Colorado voters to approve this measure at the November 2022 election.

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